November 2, 2011

How Travel is Changing My "Stuff"

Day 2 of the Indie Travel Project

I have spent more time on the road than I have at home this year - traveling for either work, vacation or family celebrations.  I'm now officially more familiar with the pockets in my suitcase than I am with my dresser drawers.

Being in a state of perpetual travel has completely changed my outlook this year - on my stuff.  I haven't been one for keeping up with the Jones's, but I can succumb to the pressure of needing to have one more shirt when an event pops up on my calendar.  After returning from my trips over the last few months, I've begun to look around my condo and wonder, "how did I get all these things"?  Do I need six pairs of jeans and 10 purses?  Probably not.  Actually, definitely not.  I had just been wearing the same pair of jeans for a week long trip and I could happily wear them for a week or two more now that they were fully broken in from their last dryer cycle.

I'm fully embracing a more minimalist lifestyle and this spark of change has started to make my life more fulfilling and free.

1) I now evaluate how I use things and I'm more aware of what I don't use.  See purses 1-9 above.  Donating bags and boxes of perfectly good items has been a wonderful way to start freeing up some of my space and clutter and giving it to others who may need it more.

2) I spend my time and money on experiences and things that matter.  Looking for a new couch a while back not only drained me of a chunk of change, but also sucked away a few weekends of my life.  Never again!  My money and precious weekend time is going to travel and things I want to experience with others.

3) I am expressing myself through memories not things.  Digital pictures and videos are a wonderful way to remember a moment, place or time and they don't take up shelf space in my house.  And, I can easily share them with any of my friends and family around the world.

It's hard to imagine this change has taken so long for me.  The mindset of focusing on material things and having the latest and greatest is a hard habit to break, but I'm planning to destroy it!  All thanks to living out of a suitcase for a good portion of this year. 

1 comment:

  1. You're so right about spending money on experiences and things that matter, rather than on more junk we don't really need.

    Because I'm frugal and (sad to say) maybe a little picky, I tend to spend way too much time when I'm buying something.

    Sometimes it's just not worth hours of your time to save $20 bucks, or get the perfect shade of grey for the carpet!


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